COVID-19 Opening Update 23 June 2020

We are open for business again!

We are currently open for soloists and band members of the same household subject to current social distancing requirements.

*** From July 4th we will open for bands with some restrictions and rules ***

Only Room 1 and Room 2 will be available for bands with a limit of 5 people for Room 1 and 4 people for Room 2 to allow for adequate social distance between members. Room 3 will still be available for soloists.

Social distancing and hygiene measures must be complied with as per current government guidance. Hand sanitizers and gloves are available in various locations for you to use.

The chill-out seating area will not be in use until covid measures are relaxed further.

Payment can be made in cash by one member of the group or by one bank transfer for the whole amount.

We recommend you bring your own mics. Mics can be hired for £2 per session and they will be sanitised between use.

If you are displaying any covid symptons or have been advised to self isolate you must stay at home. You will not be charged for cancellations in these circumstances.

Please don’t invite non-band people to your rehearsals.

Please contact us to book in and thanks for your support!

We’re on the old A6 road between Hazel Grove and High Lane, Stockport. Close to the end of the new A555 bypass.

The studios are clean, acoustically-treated and well-lit.

Perfect for rehearsals, auditions, recordings, video shoots and music lessons.

Top quality Dynacord PA mixing desks are provided in all rooms with Peavey or Mackie Active speakers.

Shure mics are available to hire but it is recommended and preferred if you bring your own during the Covid pandemic. Hire mics are sterilised after each use.

A good selection of bass amps, guitar amps and drum kits are available to hire if you prefer to travel light.

We also stock strings, straps and sticks in case you get caught short.

Our rooms have easy ground floor access, heating and ventilation.

You’re welcome to come and have a look (by appointment) before you book – you won’t be disappointed!

Please phone or text to arrange a viewing or make a booking.