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Vocal Booth and Recording Mic Hire

For anyone wanting to do some vocal recording using their own recorder or notebook, we have a professional standard vocal booth in Room 1 which can be hired for £10 per session in addition to the Room 1 hourly rehearsal rate.

An AKG NT2000 Vocal mic and set of BeyerDynamic headphones are available for an additional £5 per session.


CD and DVD Duplication

We have CD and DVD duplication facilities complete with disk surface printing.

  • CDs: £1.00 per disc
  • DVDs single layer: £1.30 per disc
  • DVDs dual layer: £1.50 per disc

Burned and surface printed. Minimum quantity 20 discs.

Doesn't matter if you've recorded your audio demos or videos here or elsewhere so long as you have a CD or DVD which we can use as a master and some artwork in jpg or similar format for the print design.